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Personalized Financial Planning

At Elite Financial Solutions®, we develop an individual Wealth Management Strategy and Plan for each client that helps to guide all financial decisions and actions and keep the focus on specific goals and results. We begin our planning process by first listening. We spend time discussing your lifestyle today and your goals for the future. We also assess risk tolerance and risk capacity. We apply our knowledge and experience through state-of-the-art technology to evaluate and project future needs. It is only then that we can determine the recommended solutions necessary to reach specific objectives.

Although the Wealth Management Strategy and Plan we develop may be complex, our objective is to simplify the complexities so that our clients understand and are able to make the best decisions for themselves and their family.


Retirement Income Planning

Building a strategy for income in retirement is a new and complex challenge – not just for individuals but advisors as well. Many advisors have the knowledge required to help you save wisely for retirement. Fewer advisors have the experience to not only take you to retirement but THROUGH retirement. This is a difficult, critical and very different stage in life for investors. We have the specific knowledge and experience. Our goal is to help you create your retirement "paycheck." We work with clients to understand some of the potentially irrevocable decisions such as pension payouts, social security election, proper ways to draw income from their investments, and minimum required distributions. We help you stay on track as your needs and lifestyle changes due to rising health care costs, taxes, and inflation.

Social Security Election Strategy

We have worked with many individuals preparing to take social security benefits. It is a surprisingly complex process where the decisions made can affect you and your family for the rest of your lives. These decisions, made incorrectly, could potentially decrease your benefits by up to $100,000. We help you determine the optimal age to draw on your social security benefits, which spouse in a marriage should be drawing first, how a husband and wife’s benefits complement each other, and many other important and eventually irrevocable decisions.

Estate Planning

While we are not attorneys, we understand the estate planning process and are able to guide and prepare you in working with your attorney. We then work beside you and your attorney to help formulate an estate planning strategy and then make sure that any asset ownership changes and beneficiary changes are made properly in accordance with the plan.

Investment Management

Our investment management process focuses on growing and protecting assets for our clients. We know that the best way to help clients grow and protect their money is to minimize the frequency and magnitude of losses.

We invest according to four fundamental principles:

  1. Strive to limit account losses
  2. Focus on multiple strategies such as asset allocation and sector rotation to help reduce risk and improve return
  3. Always have a counter-strategy in the event of unforeseen issues in the markets
  4. We never forget Principle Number 1!

Insurance Services

  • Life insurance helps to protect the quality of life for you and your loved ones. At Elite Financial Solutions® we help you select the right amount of life insurance as well as the right product for you and your family, for estate planning needs and to enable charitable giving strategies.
  • Disability insurance protects one of the most important assets you have - your income. Should you become disabled, this insurance policy replaces a portion of your lost income to help sustain your lifestyle.
  • Long-Term Care insurance not only provides important benefits to protect your quality of life, but also helps protect the assets you have worked hard to build throughout your life.

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