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Our Unique Value

Accumulating Wealth vs. Retirement Income 

Not all financial firms have experience in the two most important areas of wealth management; accumulating assets and distributing assets as income in retirement. Both require specific knowledge, planning and implementation. We have taken clients through both phases of the wealth management equation before retirement and throughout retirement. Through using our investment management process, we help clients to reach their goals and retire on their schedule. We also have specific solutions to help KEEP you retired.

Service Excellence

We have an unwavering commitment to service excellence. We have a client first attitude, we are personally available for our clients, and we do what we say. We always return phone calls in a timely fashion – our clients never have to chase us. Our objective is to communicate, educate and simplify financial services for our clients. That is who we are and we know it is truly unique.

Uncovering Unknown Problems

We take a complete look at your financial situation like a doctor does when evaluating your health. We focus on obvious areas of concern, e.g., planning for retirement, but we also look at the areas that may not be as front and center but are as critical to overall success, e.g., tax savings, underlying estate planning issues, charitable giving strategies. Our years of experience working with individuals, families and businesses with a variety of different financial situations allows us to see the issues that you potentially haven’t even considered.

Planning First

Many financial professionals will just invest for their clients. We know that every client has a unique set of circumstances. Our goal is to first understand your particular circumstances before recommending or advising on any financial solutions. We will not take on a new client without Discovery. It is only then that we can provide true wealth management aimed at reaching your individual goals.

Generations Serving Generations

At Elite Financial Solutions®, we are a family office helping clients make smart decisions in their lives and families. We are a multi-generational firm led by father and son, Ben and Nat. This multi-generational approach in the personal financial services business enables us to serve clients today as well as to continue serving the next generation into the future. We are your firm for life.

By Referrals

Our business has been fortunate to serve more clients each year through the introductions we receive from our current clients. We do not rely on advertising or promotion; instead, our commitment to serve each client has been the underlying source of our success and growth.

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